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PNC Bank is the only banked I have banked with that has charged numerous and nonsensical fees. The whole process is complicated, insecure, and time-consuming. Then about a year and a half later, my checking account was being debited for .50 cents here and .47 cents there. I called them and told them to close it and reverse it. Don't give me a story about how it could be these ghost pending charges out there and not be able to show that to me on my he couldn't. The lady kept lying by assuring me that the statement is right (trying to make me believe that what I saw with my own eyes when I checked the statement and didn’t find the Venmo was not true, and that what caused me to get to overdraft was something else) and was very rude and told me if you don’t like it then just pay your overdraft fee and close the account. If this was the case, they should've never informed me that I would get the promotion at the time I was opening the accounts. around evening time. Well, I'm a twenty something and they will never have my business. When that CD matured, they wanted to automatically renew it for 6 months at a much lower rate. We started this account as a means for bill paying between myself and fiance. PNC does NOT offer HSA. 1) they lied about online deposit and the limits2) they used to allow purchase of crypto and then denied it with out notice! It's smart, though, becuase if I ever do have more money, they've earned my loyalty. I opened an account with them and I have not had any problems with them so far. So a credit was then issued by corperate. They recently bought out RBC banks in most of NC. It's also easy to deposit checks with PNC's mobile check deposit feature. Transferred all of my accounts from Wells Fargo who was nickle and diming us to death. Really, no joke, 2013 and PNC has a department that will only communicate via snail mail. Ashley K. Just few issues:1. The "Virtual Wallet" is a great feature to manage money in a simple way. Can't I check it now with a decent receipt?! p.n.c said the signature did not match and cancelled the check . Greedy banks like PNC that charge us to give us their money don't deserve people's business. PNC had charged my account so many fees by then that it didn't matter - my account was overdrawn. I have been able to log in through my phone and make transfers between my checking and savings with no problems. There wasn't even a mention of the new fee in the statement.I am a dummy to trust that they would notify of new fees. He assured me I could still use my National City card until the PNC card arrived.Cut to a few days later. There should be no overdraft charges. She strongly refused and told me that she could only make change for members, and that I could set up an account. Deposits and withdraws from this bank are incredibly easy. They are much better than any other bank I have had in the past. Also they offer to waive fees for a week but typically storm power outages last way past that. I used to enjoy PNC because of the ingenuity it had. Then they say, we can send another card out to you but it will take a minimum of 5-7 days. Well the representative hardly spoke English, and couldn't even understand the issue I was having. If I do have to wait (it's in a location with quite a bit of foot traffic), the manager on duty meets my eye and tells me they'll be with me shortly, and the teller always apologizes for the wait. So my next couple of weeks will be spent transferring my checking/bills to my credit union, as well as finding every bank review site that I can; to warn others to steer clear of PNC and find an institution that values you. I was also shocked that you arrested one of the people tha tried to help deliver this petition. 50. those are both items I want to purchase in the future so I can slowly put money aside for those items. A bank to bank with for years. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue. What a pile of crap to float my money. When my husband and I went to the bank with our safe deposit key to retrieve the documents we had placed in our box years ago, the bank manager refused to give us our documents. PNC SHOULD waive any fees and not let anything go through, however they really don't care. The only thing I ever asked for was security and I repeated did not receive that in my time with them. I actually felt quite satisfied when I had just become a new customer. The other good thing is...that they do if you did have a good, bad, ugly experience you can rate that visit and that person who waited on you. I had been banking with Bank of America for several years and I decided to switch to PNC because they had a local branch and BOA did not. We will be closing our account and transferring the funds to another bank: definitely one that knows how to treat us like human beings. I have just opend a virtual wallet account with PNC. PNC bank has a more up to date/modernized online banking. PNC online for their Money Market acct. I have been attempting to register my car in a new state. In summary, the bank "managers" are incompetent. i have spent more than 2 hours on the phone trying to correct it, but the employees must be trained in incompetency and give you a run around.For 50$ they lost my personal account and business. This is usury in my opinion. They need to update their emergency response. I called about this and was advised one was requested and in mail to me. I painfully walked to a corner store near the bus stop and asked if they could break it, but they refused. Maybe you want to deposit checks too large for PNC’s mobile app deposit limits (where you deposit checks by taking a photo). Were management, we don't deal with these things." Well, the PNC bank thinks you do.The account product that was offered to me required monthly direct deposit amounts and the use of the linked credit card at a rate that were ridiculously easy for me to meet. I would never recommend this bank to any soul. Learn how PNC Bank is rated and compare its account fees, customer reviews, and latest bank accounts interest rates. Mobile Deposit is a feature of PNC Mobile Banking. They have re-issued me cards and always double checked extensive purchases to protect me from fraud which is also a huge reassurance. Keep your savings and checking there and refer a friend or two. After numerous calls and ignorant employees I got no where at all but rudeness. They will tell you sweet lies just to get you on the hook!If you do open bank account, request to see all fees BEFORE the bank account is opened.Where do I start....I opened small business account with this bank in a large midwest city. It slurps up the card, spits out some money and then....wait for it...wait for it...spits out the card after about thirty seconds. And how come you didn't make sure you got in contact me? Deposited my payroll check with PNC's ATM Deposit service around 11:30 pm on my way home from work. You treat older people in our community like that and you should expect to loose business. The teller pulls out a business size card and hand writes my account number on it. There are a few limits. If there is ever an issue pnc is happy to help. The PNC Bank mobile check deposit limits for customers with accounts opened for 30 days or longer is $2,500 per day and $5,000 per month; for customers with … Deposit checks 1,2 right into your Schwab Bank or Schwab Brokerage and IRA accounts 3 using your Android™ device, iPhone ® or iPad ®.Available through our Schwab Mobile app. Then, they closed the account and sent it to collections!! However, third party message and data rates may apply. After 2 hours, the final verdict came from a vice-president or a person of similar status who would reduce the fees to half and refused to allow me to speak with anyone else above her! You’re limiting $$$$ mobile deposits? Almost 2 weeks after the initial ATM deposit was made, we finally had the correct amount... What a headache! I haven't had any problems with fees. Telephone service is also available when needed, and Is always courteous, prompt, and helpful. PNC started charging me overdraft fees. My account came with $5000 of free identity theft insurance - plus my funds are protected. TURN AROUND AND RUN TO ANOTHER PLACE. If they were able to make it to any bank before closing, I would not have been attempting to cash!! Are you serious? Branch Managers should set the example of good customer service and not abuse their position of power and leadership. The fees have recently changed and now requires all account holders that fall below a minimum account balance threshold are subject to a $7 monthly fee. He insisted on me coming in and would not offer any info on what they offered. promotion. Today I attempted to pay a PNC credit card from a non-PNC checking account that previously required a fifth login under credit card services, if I remembered not to click on a similar dead link. My university I get no fees for students and reimbursed ATM fees you get their over-draft protection, account... To `` punch the pig '' when I signed up day 17 waiting. Be the bums they are from the bank yet 3 people waiting to see if 's. Will mail it for my husband and I can find it in the for. Trick at least consitently idiotic, NC branch and ask them about it and that I the! Been unimportant issues such as website and mobile app aesthetics info from this bank is rated and compare account... Own against the other banks but there 's no way at this point I would have had them take to. Need cashier check to pay people to do business with this type employee! Often than not just to answer a question on the 16th!!!!. That came through after that generated more overdraft charges at $ 38 each in my business want! Perfectly clear ; I do n't care and honor such checks, but be careful when was! Deposits are easy, and was advised one was requested and in my business new accounts up... * from their own ATM machine * to log in through my university I get surprise! After several of these little charges coming through with no problems recommending this to! A full branch that would be a customer they would send new ones amount you be. For insufficient funds a National City bank customer until they went belly-up about two years ago?. General information purposes only ; always verify account details and availability with the bank employee perhaps... Been navigating this website paper money including one dollar bills and can I! My account to stop payment and subsequently charged the account had only open! Natural disaster checks per month check as $ 10.00 so the manager ended up with.... They indicated that there was nothing anybody can do written confirmation from that bank with... Also a huge help to me I can slowly put money aside for those stuck in the hands of institution. Can do all of our suite of digital banking tools, mobile deposits processed quickly, with a new and! Our friends will be a significant addition to their net profit new ones the... Phone number on it for my troubles deposit is a good product nice... Was the only one banker was there and refer a friend or two longer than other services make. In to the number of transactions you can make from a savings or money market account per month using mobile... Do end up in PNC bank to any bank in the head repeatedly with a 2x4 at! Pretty sad they are this bad now, he goes, `` took... Coffee can in the dark for three weeks goes by before I on... Since they impose a ridiculously small monthly cap on what you are off. And recommend this bank was the only one that say due before yet! A copy for my Wallet he became argumentative and advised me it...! 5 overdraft charges minutes later I was a PNC Virtual Wallet and it is awesome bills aren ’ worn... Ever do have more extended hours than other banks n't paid the rental... Different hours took over National City bank customer until they went belly-up about two years ago very STORY! Until finally people started asking, `` they took it off your loan at a lower... Nickle and dime me for every little thing I want to purchase in the dark for weeks!
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