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Its very simple. Select Lye Button NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) or KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) 3. If a usage rate appears marked in RED, that usage rate is too high to be safe for skin use in soap. Want to do a water discount? Enter the oils and weights. Calculating your oils, lyes and the size of the mold needed when making your own soap needs to be pretty accurate for your soap to turn out well. SoapCalc is a great tool, but the interface is a bit intimidating for first timers. Skip to main content. Soap Calculator I like that is reformats your soap recipe into a better one. This calculator supports both grams and ounces, so use whichever is appropriate for you. Then check the appropriate box to show what units this number is measured in. Select Unit of measurement in section one. I’ve added this feature to ease up our routine work. The result can be instantly adjusted by changing your preferred superfatting level or water/lye ratio. I have looked at the soapcalc but then I get a headache and run away terrified. Let us discuss the Soap Recipe Summary in another day. ^_^,,,, Simplified information on the fatty acids can be found. On the right side enter the quantity (weight) of the selected oil that you want to use. Then select your oil of choice by weight or percentage. Set at Grams, g by default. This is also to pay forward all the blessings and gifts I receive everyday. The one people use for liquid soap. Default value depends on the unit of measure you selected in section 1: You can also manually change the weight of oil based on your requirements. Nice post! And the numbers are different. M & P soap is best melted in a double boiler. To use a lye calculator, you input the oils you want to use, the amount of each oil you plan on using, and you can also specify if you want to superfat the soap or not. JavaScript is disabled. Remember to input the Substitution ID. To create and save your recipe, you must first be registered and logged in to your Customer Account. The mold capacity in section 2 helped to estimate how much oils do you need. Then, input the actual purity of your Lye, you can refer to the Certificate of Analysis (COA) or the product label. Input the Water amount shown as Lye concentration for your recipe. On the right side enter the quantity (weight) of the selected oil that you want to use. So, 700gm oil for 1kg soap or 3.5kg oil for 5kg soap. Whether you use a traditional cold process soap mold or some other container, you can calculate just how much soap you need to make to fill that mold.That way you don't end up having to throw any extra soap out. Whether I want to come up with my own recipe, or am just checking someone else’s, I never use a new recipe without checking it in a lye calculator first. The idea is to recreate the original recipe in SoapCalc and edit it from there. Click “Next.” Note: Liquid soap is made with potassium hydroxide, solid soap is made with sodium hydroxide. teach you on how to use soap lye calculator, My Soap Calc™ so you can make your own recipes and craft your handmade soap in no time. ONE: Choose the type of soap, unit of measurement, and the superfatting level. Select your chosen oils, along with the weight or percentage. Lye Soap Calculator. This is for the newbies who are new to the world of soap-making. A soap calculator is there to make your life a lot easier! Close, but not quite right. Select Weight units button 5. I downloaded and will try use the calculator again. Type the total weight of all the oils and fats you will be using in the recipe. You calculate the volume of the mold in cubic inches, multiply by 0.4, and plug the total into an online lye calculator to figure each oil and the other ingredients: Calculate how much does your soap mold can hold using the, Dual Lye soap aka Hybrid soap using NaOH and KOH (ratio depends on your preference, default settings 95% NaOH and 5% KOH). TYPE OF OIL: Select the oil that you want to use to produce your soap and click on the button "Add". Did you know? Advanced and beginner soap making for soapmakers. Soapulator - Soap Making Calculator. BASIC SOAP - A great starting point for your own experimentation. CREATE YOUR OWN Did you know? The Saponification Value number represents the number of milligrams of Sodium Hydroxide required to saponify 1g of fat under the conditions specified. You can replace it with milk, tea, etc and no need to do manual calculations anymore. It’s that easy! I actually used regular calculator and is not so much of but it is somehow. See the instructions and formulation guides for more info. I think it is easy to get hung up on the output and all … You better add that in your soap making bucket list. You need a specific quantity of lye to saponify one gram of oil or butter, this is called the saponification value (SAP). Today I show you how to use the soapcalc calculator and the Brambleberry soap calculator. © 2018 My Soap Calc™ by Cathy, D' Clumsy Soaper. Whenever you need to modify or customize a soap recipe, the first step is to use a soap calculator like SoapCalc.
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