With random scanning capabilities, you can select only the channels from which you want to acquire data. Alternatively, strain gauge conductors may be thin strips of the metallic film deposited on a nonconducting substrate material called the carrier. SCXI is a signal conditioning platform for PC-based data acquisition (DAQ) systems used in instrumentation applications. [6] RDP Electronics, “Linear Variable Differential Transformer Principle of Operation”, http://www.rdpe.com/displacement/lvdt/lvdt-principles.htm (current December 2002). The Position tolerance is the GD&T symbol and tolerance of location. This application note describes LVDTs and explains how they work. 001 off the diameter is. [4] Johnson, Curtis D, “Displacement, Location, or Position Sensors” Process Control Instrumentation Technology, Prentice Hall PTB. This NPSHa value is entirely a function of the liquid, its properties, ambient conditions and the suction system design and geometry.