The Free China Junk

Written by Administrator
Thursday, 13 November 2008 03:44

In 1955 Formosa (Taiwan), five young men set out on a journey to find their own version of freedom. With no boat and no sailing experience, they apply to enter an international yacht race in an attempt to venture out of Formosa. As luck would have it, they meet a young American VIce Consul who agrees to issue visas -- and later asks to join and film the voyage. With nothing more than an old Chinese junk boat called 'Free China', a 16mm camera, color film stock, and their youthful courage, the crew sets sail for California. After various fits and starts, and a host of near-deadly obstacles, the men arrive in San Francisco to a hero's welcome. Their story is "The Free China Junk", a feature-length film that documents the journey of five men who risk their lives to leave behind the tense environment of 1955 Formosa and the young diplomat who records and befriends them. In the film, rich 16mm color footage of the trans-Pacific journey is interwoven with first-person accounts from the surviving junk-mates.  "The Free China Junk" celebrates their adventurous spirit as it challenges new generations to define their own destiny. Directed by Robin Greenberg.

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